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The Shark Repellent Leash for Surfers

How does E-Shark Force compare to other leashes?

  • On/Off Switch? Nope, our technology turns on the second the unit hits seawater. Less to remember when you’re focusing on your surfing.
  • Easy charging pad? E-shark Force Units come equipped with a pad for induction charging, which keeps your unit from corrosion, water ingress and issues, such as electrical shorting, O-ring damage and leakage
  • Customer Service? The shark repellent leash comes with a team of caring customer service representatives that want you to stay safe. Each unit includes full service, a 1-year warranty, and a complete battery change out, if needed.
  • USA Made? Not only are our shark repellent leashes manufactured in the USA, but our flagship store and customer service center are in Hawaii, where we work to keep swimmers, surfers, scuba divers and snorkelers safe from shark attacks.

Do you SUP, surf,or dive? Do you worry about sharks?

If you picture yourself with a giant force field around you that’s impenetrable by sharks, you don’t have to imagine anymore. With the PADDLE2 shark repellent leash, you can be in the ocean worry-free. This patented technology is one of the top shark repellents for surfers that exists.

With a quick and easy attachment to your SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) or surfboard, the unit turns on automatically once it hits saltwater for stress-free surfing. With a full charge, the shark repellent leash will last 3-4 hours and protect you 30-40 feet out. For a simple way to stay safe from sharks, you can trust E-Shark Force.

What activities can you do with the E-Shark Force leash?

If you like to swim, go surfing, SUPing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, free diving, competing in triathlons, or just spending time in the ocean, one of our shark repellent devices will work for you. You just have to know whether you want the shark repellent leash for your board or dive bag or the SWIM2 ankle unit to attach to your body. Everybodyis safer from shark attacks with E-Shark Force.

How does the shark repellent leash work?

The E-Shark Force SUP (stand up paddle board) unit attaches to the tail of your stand up paddleboard or surfboard, so it can be in the water while you enjoy the sunshine above, without having to wear a device on your body. This option works wonders for surfers and paddle boarders that want to feel safe from shark attacks while they enjoy ocean activities.

With a proven, trusted technology, the E-Shark Force PADDLE2 unit emits an electronic signal that keeps sharks 30-40 feet away from you at all times while you’re paddling in the ocean. You’ll be enjoying the sunshine while the leash protects you from sharks below the water. For stress-free ocean play, get the E-Shark Force shark repellent leash today!

Easy Shark Safety with E-Shark Force:
  • AUTOMATIC: turns on the second it hits saltwater, no “on or off” switch
  • SLEEK: compact design to keep surfing, and SUPing smooth
  • PROVEN: successfully tested on Oahu with testimonials to back it up
  • EASY-TO-CHARGE: wireless charging with no ports for
  • SAFE WATER: 30-40 feet stays shark-free with E-Shark Force
  • MADE IN USA: Support and location in Hawaii, manufactured in the USA
Care Instructions for E-Shark Force PADDLE2 Unit:
  1. Make sure unit is fully charged before taking off to the ocean.
  2. Attach shark repellent bracelet to ankle, arm, bag, or board.
  3. Enjoy hours of shark-free swimming in the ocean.
  4. When finished, rinse unit with fresh water and charge wirelessly on pad.
  5. If you have any issues, contact us right away so we can help!


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