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The Best Shark Deterrent for Surfers

Do You Surf or Paddleboard? Rent a Shark Deterrent Leash to Stay Safe From Sharks on Vacation

If you love to spend time in tropical waters surfing, like Australia or Hawaii, on a SUP paddleboard, or discovering underwater worlds through scuba, you may want to look into a shark deterrent for surfers. It’s a way to stay safe from sharks without wearing a device…you just strap it to your board and once you hit saltwater, it automatically powers up to keep the sharks away.

Why would I rent a shark deterrent leash?

If you’ve ever pictured getting attacked by a shark, swimming in the ocean can take some…convincing. If you rent a shark deterrent leash, you can surf or paddleboard confidently, knowing sharks will stay away.

With the E-Shark Force shark deterrent leash, you attach the unit to the tail of your board, which keeps sharks 30-40 feet away from you for 3-4 hours on a full charge. This is a shark deterrent for surfers, meaning you can have fun in the surf without the worry of a shark nearby. The gentle electrical signal simply disrupts a shark’s senses, so they turn away. No harm is caused to any of the sea lifecreatures in our underwater world.

The shark deterrent leash attaches right to your surfboard or paddleboard, leaving your body free to swim smoothly through the ocean water. This shark deterrent for surfers works up to 140 feet below the surface and turns on automatically once you hit the saltwater.

Once you’re done surfing or paddle boarding, charging is as simple as rinsing the shark deterrent leash with fresh water, then laying the unit on a charging pad. With a shark deterrent leash, staying away from sharks is simple.

For peace of mind, renting the PADDLE2 E-Shark Force Unit is cheap!  For all ocean activities, whether it’s surfing, Stand Up Paddle boarding, or scuba diving, renting a shark deterrent leash will replace the worry with fun in the sun.

Tips to Surf, SUP, or Scuba Safely

  1. Double check that you have the right gear and it all fits and are working.
  2. Make sure someone else is with you or knows where you are.
  3. If the weather and waves are rough, turn around. Don’t drown.
  4. Attach a shark deterrent leash to your board or bag to avoid shark attacks.
Is a shark deterrent leash worth it?

We believe so, which is why we invented it. No matter who you are, vacation is a time to relax. When you’re worrying about a shark attack, not only do you stress out, but sharks can sense fear. With the electrical shark deterrent leash, you can surf or paddleboard with confidence that sharks will stay away.

Easy Shark Safety with E-Shark Force:
  • AUTOMATIC: turns on the second it hits saltwater, no “on or off” switch
  • SLEEK: compact design to keep swimming, surfing, and SUPing smooth
  • PROVEN: successfully tested on Oahu with testimonials to back it up
  • EASY-TO-CHARGE: wireless charging with a seamless design
  • SAFE WATER: 30-40 feet stays shark-free with E-Shark Force
  • MADE IN USA: Support and location in Hawaii, manufactured in the USA
Care Instructions for E-Shark Force PADDLE2 Unit:
  1. Make sure unit is fully charged before taking off to the ocean.
  2. Attach shark repellent bracelet to ankle, arm, bag, or board.
  3. Enjoy hours of shark-free swimming in the ocean.
  4. When finished, rinse unit with fresh water and charge wirelessly on pad.
  5. If you have any issues, contact us right away so we can help!


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