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The Top Shark Deterrent Bracelet

Why rent a shark deterrent device?

Ever go swimming and get that sinking feeling after somethingbrushed your leg? Was it a turtle? A fish? A SHARK? The beauty of wearing a shark deterrent bracelet when you’re swimmingorsnorkelingis replacing the fear with FUN!

The E-Shark Force shark deterrent device keeps sharks 30-40 feet away from you at all times for 3-4 hours on a full charge. Is $25/rental worth the peace of mind? We think so. The next time you visit a tropical location like Hawaii or Australia, be sure to rent your shark deterrent device before you head out so you can have fun in the sun and no fear in the waves.

By simply attaching the E-Shark Force unit to your ankle, you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and sun in tropical oceans without stressing over a shark incident. It’s easy to use, the top shark deterrent device on the market, and will not harm any sea life. By releasing a small electrical pulse, this shark deterrent bracelet keeps sharks far enough away to avoid an attack, but doesn’t disturb other underwater creatures.

If spending time in tropical waters is a way you like to relax, kick up the stress-free level by renting the E-Shark Force shark deterrent bracelet on your next tropical vacation.

Tips to Stay Safe on a Tropical Vacation

  1. Keep drinks to a minimum before going in the ocean.
  2. If the conditions are too rough, don’t go in the water!
  3. If you want to stay safe from sharks, rent a shark deterrent device.

Will a shark deterrent device work?

In short, YES! Through testing on Oahu, Hawaii and countless testimonials raving about the easy, safe way to keep sharks away, you can be sure that wearing the E-Shark Force shark deterrent bracelet will keep sharks 30-40 feet away from you in the ocean. Not only is the device tested and proven, it’s safe and effective. So, if you’re looking to stay safe from sharks on your next vacation, rent a shark deterrent device to replace the fear of sharks with fun in the sun!

How does a shark deterring bracelet keep sharks from attacking?

With a gentle electrical impulse emitted from the device, sharks will stay 30-40 feet away from you for 3-4 hours up to 140 feet deep in the ocean. This impulse disrupts a shark’s senses and the shark will turn away, staying far enough away to avoid a shark attack. They have tested this method by putting “shark candy,” or dead fish on the end of a large stick, equipped with a camera. With the shark deterrent bracelet turned on, sharks passed the treat over and over again. Minutes after the shark deterrent device was removed, sharks devoured the fish. Don’t take chances, rent your shark deterrent bracelet today and stay safe from sharks on your next vacation!


Testimonial from a safe, satisfied, shark-free E-Shark Force customer:

E-Shark force is amazing. It has given me the freedom to swim long distances anywhere with confidence. I am so thankful for this device. Not only is the E-Shark Force great, but the customer service is outstanding. The E-Shark Force is worth every penny for the safety it provides.

—Carol G., Hawaii


Easy Shark Safety with E-Shark Force:
  • AUTOMATIC: turns on the second it hits saltwater, no “on or off” switch
  • SLEEK: compact design to keep swimming, diving, and snorkeling smooth
  • PROVEN: successfully tested on Oahu, Hawaii
  • EASY-TO-CHARGE: wireless charging with a seamless design
  • SAFE WATER: 30-40 feet stays shark-free with E-Shark Force deterrent devices
  • MADE IN USA: Support and location in Hawaii, manufactured in the USA
Care Instructions for E-Shark Force SWIM2 Unit:
  1. Make sure unit is fully charged before taking off to the ocean.
  2. Attach shark repellent bracelet to ankle, arm, bag, or board.
  3. Enjoy hours of shark-free swimming in the ocean.
  4. When finished, rinse unit with fresh water and charge wirelessly on pad.
  5. If you have any issues, contact us right away so we can help!


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