E-Shark Force Paddleboard Unit



Want to repel sharks even when you are not physically in the water? The E-Shark Force SUP (stand up paddle board) unit attaches the tail of your stand up paddle board, so it can be in the water while you enjoy the sunshine above. With a charge that lasts between 3-4 hours, you can be rest assured that it will be on throughout your paddle boarding experience.

If you are not into paddle boarding, you can hook up the shark repellent leash to your spearfishing bag to protect it against unwanted nibbles. It make for the perfect substitution to our E-Shark Force Dive Unit for those that don’t enjoy having things attached to your legs, but still want to repel those sharks away.

Leave worry away with the only salt water activated shark repellent leash on the market today! You don’t need to flip a switch or keep it connected to get it activated.

We don’t even have external ports that could cause it to get damaged. The repellent device charges by getting placed on the QI charger for ease of use, sealed device, and product protection.


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