Information about the Best Shark Repellent Band and Leash Available Today

Easy Shark Safety with E-Shark Force:

  • AUTOMATIC: turns on the second it hits saltwater, no “on or off” switch
  • SLEEK: compact design to keep swimming, surfing, and SUPing smooth
  • PROVEN: successfully tested locally on Oahu with testimonials to back it up
  • EASY-TO-CHARGE: wireless charging with a seamless design
  • SAFE WATER: 30-40 feet stays shark-free with E-Shark Force
  • MADE IN USA: Support and location in Hawaii, manufactured in the USA

5 Ways to Avoid Sharks When in Open Water

  1. Invest in (or rent) a shark repellent band or leash.
  2. Use the strong Swim2, easy-to-adjust strap to fit onto your ankle. Or use the Paddle2 to attach to your Surfboard or SUP board.
  3. Once you hit saltwater, the E-Shark Force repellent unit turns on automatically and sends small electrical currents to keep sharks 30-40 feet away and up to 140 feet deep.
  4. Swim, surf, or StandUp Paddleboard with confidence and without worrying about a shark bite (or bump!) for 3-4 hours of uninterrupted safety.
  5. Rinse with fresh water and recharge on easy-to-use wireless charging pad until you’re ready to explore the ocean again.


We offer the best surfing experience for kids and teenagers on the West Coast.

How does the E-Shark Force Shark Repellent Band work?

When it comes to shark repellent devices, E-Shark Force has been tested and proven to be effective. After 12 years of research and testing, owner Wilson Vinano has evolved the best shark repelling technology on the market.

  • An electrical current is released, which repels sharks from their normal “bump and bite” behavior
  • When the charged device hit saltwater, the devices immediately turns on. One less thing to worry about!
  • Our shark repellent band is rechargeable on a charging pad and has a sleek, seamless design with no external ports
  • E-Shark Force is safe and causes no harm to sea life, it just keeps sharks from attacking


Why should I get a shark repellent?

Picture yourself on your next trip to tropical waters. Does that creeping fear sit in the back of your head? Are there sharks nearby? If you’ve ever had a close encounter with a shark, you know that peace of mind when you’re in the water is priceless. Whether you love to swim, surf, Stand Up Paddleboard, snorkel, scuba, or fish, the E-Shark Force shark repellent devices can be the difference between life and bite. With 2 models – the Swim2 (band that attaches to your ankle) and the Paddle2 (leash that attaches to your SUP board, surf board, or dive gear), you’ll be safe during shark season. Both models are available for rent, to conveniently keep you shark-free on your next tropical holiday.

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